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Our Technologies

IT Hardware

Save time and cost on hardware purchasing with the help of our industry expertise. We offer a wide range of IT items curated for business purpose. You can choose from products from established industry leaders and emerging technology brands. We are available at your disposal, making procurement, maintenance and replacement of business technology easy. For extra support, you can always pair your hardware purchases with our lifecycle management services, from integration support to warranty management and more.


  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Printers


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Server and Storage

Whether you’re upgrading your infrastructure to anticipate increasing demand or creating solution bundles to meet the needs of your customers, we can help. Our team of experts offers buying guidance to enable you to evaluate your options, including hyper-converged or software-defined infrastructure. We’ll work with you to acquire the right kind of high-performance server, storage and networking solutions your business demands.


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Network and Security

As a small business, the network can be a significant investment. With Microchip, you have a capable, dedicated team of problem-solvers to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. We will enable you to design, purchase, implement, and support your organization’s network infrastructure and make sure it meets all of your demands affordably.


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Backup and Archive

We offer backup and disaster recovery to enable companies avoid data loss and other issues by offering them industry-leading backup and disaster recovery services. Our goal is to see your business grow and achieve the desired goals, which it won’t be able to do if there is a sudden loss of all your data. Our backup and disaster recovery service combines planning, prevention, and protection, ensuring that your business can keep running seamlessly no matter what disastercomes your way. We make your business ready for the worst by customizing a backup and recovery plan for yourorganization’s needs.


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Endpoint Security and Encryption

We understand how to secure data, devices and applications without hindering productivity or flexibility of an organization. Our Endpoint Security Services safeguard and empower the user in any environment. From encryption and device hardening to authentication and patching, we ensure that organization’s endpoints are secure – whether it’s wired, wireless, on-premise or off-premise.


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Passive Networking

Our Passive Networking service consists of network design and architecture, implementation, integration and management. We provide recommendations on best practices in the market which enables you to manage and optimize network with improved reliability, scalability, security. We ensure that network infrastructure supports your business goals and IT objectives.


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Our virtual programs can enhance areas like data storage, server networks, and hardware to improvise your company’s bottom line. With Virtualization, we will enable you to eliminate the need to add new hardware and equipment to your IT system, while building more hard drive space for your company’s IT demands.


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A software-defined Infrastructure ensures to deliver IT services in the most efficient way possible, optimizing resource utilization to boost time to results and reduce costs. We can enable you with the foundation for a fully integrated software-defined environment, optimizing your compute and storage and networking infrastructure so you can speedily adapt to the changing needs of the business.


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